While at Harvard Law School I participated in moot court and early in my career I worked for a Federal District Court Judge in Georgia.  It was a charmed life, getting paid to watch trials, assist the judge in discharging his duties, interacting with counsel and drafting opinions for the judge.  I became addicted to the drama and excitement of trials and for this reason I became a trial lawyer.  Trials in the American system of jurisprudence are a search for the truth.  Most disputes are settled out of court between the parties with the assistance of their attorneys, and this is as it should be.  However, sometimes, there can be no compromise because the principles are too important or because the parties can reach no agreement.  In such cases, a trial is the only way to settle the dispute and reach some finality.  If you find yourself in this position, I can be the trial lawyer you are seeking to successfully represent you in the complicated process of trying your case and obtaining a judgment or verdict from a judge or jury.
     I am an experienced civil trial lawyer.  I have represented private individuals, corporations, and government entitiies at trial.  I have litigated numerous business disputes, civil rights cases, medical malpractice cases, personal injury cases, wrongful discharge cases, professional disciplinary cases, and a variety of constitutional issues, all too numerous to detail here. No case is too small or too large for me. If you are anticipating going to trial on a civil matter, contact me and I can help you resolve the issue through negotiation or through a trial on the merits.

     I am an experienced criminal defense lawyer and have represented individuals in federal and state courts for both misdemeanors and the most serious of felonies.  I am a skilled negotiator, and I have negotiated plea agreements with many prosecutors at both the state and federal level that were in the best interest of my clients.  Several of these agreements allowed me to later expunge their records.  Many clients have came to me with cases that at first looked hopeless and I have found creative solutions for these clients that enabled them to retain their dignity and their reputations. I truly believe that for every problem there is a solution.

     In criminal trials, the most important part of the proceedings may indeed be the sentencing hearing.  If you are convicted, it is crucial to insure that the sentencing guidelines are accurately determined and that the judge is presented with every reasonable alternative to incarceration.  Even with a felony conviction, it is possible to avoid incarceration.  No resources must be spared in presenting you in the most favorable possible light to the judge at the sentencing hearing.  I have a great deal of experience at the sentencing phase of criminal trials and I will work diligently and creatively to insure that you are treated fairly.

     If you are dissatisfied with the result you have achieved with another trial lawyer, it may be possible for me to help you with your post-trial motions or your appeal.  It is crucial that you contact me immediately after your trial because there are very strict deadlines in filing post-trial motions and in filing notices of appeal.  If you miss these deadlines, you may be permanently barred from any further review of your trial by a court of appeals, regardless of the merits of your case. 

     Contact me as soon as possible.  I can be most successful in helping you if I am involved early in the process.  Even if you have delayed in contacting a lawyer, call me.  I have been successful in helping some clients years after the original conviction, but this is rare and involved unusual circumstances. It is always prudent to have a capable lawyer advocating for you at the earliest possible time.  Call me.  I can help.