I have been a Virginia Lawyer since 1985 and a Washington, D.C. lawyer since 1987.  I enjoy being a lawyer and it is all I have ever really wanted to do.  I  believe in justice, equality before the law, freedom, the dignity of the individual and all the other supreme principles inscribed on the walls of Harvard Law School and the Courthouses throughout the country.  I believe in defending the Bill of Rights one client at a time.  I believe in and have absolute faith in our system of justice and in the jury system.  I enjoy helping people solve their problems at the most difficult points in their lives.  If someone asked me to describe what I do for a living I would tell them that I help people who are in trouble.  It's that simple.

    I am a Virginia Bankruptcy Lawyer.  I have handled hundreds of bankruptcy cases in my career and discharged tens of millions of dollars in debt for my clients. The bankruptcy laws can seem like a miracle for someone who is overwhelmed with debt and whose life is at a standstill as a result.  The bankruptcy laws were truly designed to help you get a fresh start in life and wipe the debt slate clean.  I have a great deal of experience in bankruptcy law and can handle your case successfully.

    I am a Virginia Criminal Lawyer.  As a former prosecutor, I am intimately familiar with the criminal justice system from both sides of the equation.  As a lawyer in private practice, I focus all of my experience on getting the best possible result for you.  It is essential to contact me immediately so that I can be the most effective advocate possible. I can often negotiate an agreement with the prosecutor that will work well for you and be in your best interest.  If I cannot negotiate a resolution that is acceptable, I have no hesitation in going to trial and even appealing your case directly to a court of appeals or collaterally through habeas corpus and other extraordinary writs. Criminal charges will affect you for the rest of your life in terms of your reputation, your job opportunities, your civil rights, and your ability to obtain government benefits.  You must have the best possible representation when you are facing any criminal charges.  I have the experience, knowledge and perseverence to protect your rights and be your personal advocate. 

    I am a Virginia Trial Lawyer.  I enjoy going to court and I enjoy the dynamics of a trial.  I have litigated all types of disputes between individuals, between corporations, and with federal and state governments. The details are too numerous to list here, but I have handled cases involving large sums of money and cases with no real monetary value that involved significant constitutional issues and principles.  If you believe you have a case, contact me.

    I am a Virginia Appeals Lawyer.  I appeal both civil and criminal cases. There are strict deadlines in appealing any case and if you miss those deadlines your case will almost certainly be dismissed regardless of the merits. It is a complicated process and all of the events must be done correctly and in a timely fashion. I pride myself on my creativity, thoroughness and legal scholarship.  If you hire me as your appellate lawyer, I will personally research and write all motions and briefs and be your personal advocate at all court appearances and oral arguments before the appeals courts.  If you think you have an appealable case, contact me immediately so that I can help you preserve and vindicate your rights.